Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Vermont

OK...I have found my dream place...Vermont!! The pictures we took don't even do justice to the colors. It is nice to see mountains again. But I can just imagine how treacherous the roads are in the snow!!

It was drizzly rainy all day but it wasn't too cold...just in the 50's.

On our way from New Hampshire to western Vermont, we found a working maple sugar farm. They also made their own cheese and preserves. Wes went up into the forest to see how they get the maple syrup...they don't use buckets anymore. The taps are put into the tree and the sap runs through tubing right into a large vat. Very interesting. The finished product is unbelievable. And the cheese! And the preserves!! Let's just say I dropped about $60 there with all the good stuff.
Here they are dipping the cheese into wax for the coating.

We are the new mascots at the farm!!
We had lunch at the Long Trail Brew Pub and took the tour of how the beer is made. We are getting Evan beer from every state we've been in. We hear a lot of clanking of the bottles in the car!!

Along the road we came upon a small place called Scotland By The Yard. A beautiful little store that sells tartans, wool blankets, clothing, jewelry, etc. I couldnt believe how low their prices were. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wool, and what would I do with all that warmth in Florida anyway. But a nice stop anyway. Right outside the shop were some sheep grazing. I wanted to take their pic but they weren't looking my way. So I said "Baaaah"...and one of them looked right at me!

Verrmont has quite a few covered bridges from the 1800's...and most of them are still used today. I think they are really cool.

Our next stop was this way....

To Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory.

The tour is fun and they even have a flavor graveyard for all the differenct flavors they no longer make.

This is the grounds of the factory....

We're famous!!

Well, we are heading for NY in the morning to see Wes' family. It is a 5 hr drive from here. The we leave on Saturday for home.

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T said...

Oh how are breath-taking! I love Vermont, too. Such green trees are never seen in Florida like that. Thanks for posting them!