Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Vermont

OK...I have found my dream place...Vermont!! The pictures we took don't even do justice to the colors. It is nice to see mountains again. But I can just imagine how treacherous the roads are in the snow!!

It was drizzly rainy all day but it wasn't too cold...just in the 50's.

On our way from New Hampshire to western Vermont, we found a working maple sugar farm. They also made their own cheese and preserves. Wes went up into the forest to see how they get the maple syrup...they don't use buckets anymore. The taps are put into the tree and the sap runs through tubing right into a large vat. Very interesting. The finished product is unbelievable. And the cheese! And the preserves!! Let's just say I dropped about $60 there with all the good stuff.
Here they are dipping the cheese into wax for the coating.

We are the new mascots at the farm!!
We had lunch at the Long Trail Brew Pub and took the tour of how the beer is made. We are getting Evan beer from every state we've been in. We hear a lot of clanking of the bottles in the car!!

Along the road we came upon a small place called Scotland By The Yard. A beautiful little store that sells tartans, wool blankets, clothing, jewelry, etc. I couldnt believe how low their prices were. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wool, and what would I do with all that warmth in Florida anyway. But a nice stop anyway. Right outside the shop were some sheep grazing. I wanted to take their pic but they weren't looking my way. So I said "Baaaah"...and one of them looked right at me!

Verrmont has quite a few covered bridges from the 1800's...and most of them are still used today. I think they are really cool.

Our next stop was this way....

To Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory.

The tour is fun and they even have a flavor graveyard for all the differenct flavors they no longer make.

This is the grounds of the factory....

We're famous!!

Well, we are heading for NY in the morning to see Wes' family. It is a 5 hr drive from here. The we leave on Saturday for home.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mostly Maine

We arrived in Maine last nite and today Wes wanted to show me where he was stationed in the Navy.

Well, we weren't allowed on the base but we did see this huge airplane on the way in.

So then we drove out to Bailey's island where he lived off base, and saw some beautiful scenery. Wes said that he would move back here in a minute. I wonder if he'll mind living alone??

This is a statue honoring all Maine fisherman. It's right at the very end of the rocks that overlook the sea.

Here is a nice view of an old walkover bridge...just beautiful views wherever you look.

Next, we had a lunch of local, fresh fried clams and then set out for New Hampshire ... Portsmouth to be exact ... to try and acquire beer from the list Evan gave me.

And here we are at the first stop - Portsmouth Brewery. It's a restaurant as well has a brewery and everyone was really friendly there.

And here's a pic of some of the brewing equipment.

Next we went to another brewery - Smuttynose Browery - hehehe, funny name!! But we couldn't get in there. They only manufacture the beer there. We'll have to go to a liquor store and see what we can find tomorrow.
So tonite, as we drive off into the sunset - and to the Day's Inn to watch the debate - we travel on to seek out the rest of the New England color and to breath the cold, crisp air.
'Nite....see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day of History

Well, here is what we came to see! These were take in Mass. and all the leaves haven't changed yet. Maine and Vermont are supposed to be in peak color, so those trees should be beautiful!

This morning we went back into Boston to see the last thing on the Freedom Trail....the USS Constitution. The ship is really amazing and when you think that it was built over 265 yrs ago, and is still on active duty, it boggles the mind!!

Imagine sleeping in hammocks and having to duck as you walk around the ship?! You almost have to walk bent over. But the wood is really beautiful.

And the cannons are amazing. The people who show you around the ship are all active duty Naval personnel. They serve for 3 years on this ship and consider it a privilege.

This was a WWII battleship also at the Boston Naval Yard...he thinks he's cool!!!

Next we headed to Salem, of the witch trials. There is a monument to the people who were hanged because 3 children said that they had curses put on them.

There is also a VERY old dates back to the 1600's.

This time of year is called Haunted Happenings at Salem and there are lots of vendors, psychics and all sorts of witchy things going on. It was really cool. Wes got a bit tired and decided to take a short nap!!

It was a fun time in Salem but now we are on our way to Meine and New Hampshire!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Boston - Day 4

Beautiful Boston. It's a great walking city...if you're used to walking at least 3 miles a day...which is what we did today. My feet are screaming tonite, but the day was worth it.

Here we are waiting to go on the Duck Tour which is a land and water tour in WWII amphibious vehicles called Ducks. It was really great...but cold and windy. I think I am used to Florida!! (dang)

Here are the Ducks...not ours, though (ours was black and had 4 open seats in the back....quess who sat there amid the wind and cold?!)

Here's a little tidbit...for those of you who watch Boston Legal. Here is the building that they use for the exteriors of their office building.

We took a walk thru Boston Commons, which is the oldest public park in the US. And it's huge. Unfortunately, there are quite a bit of homeless people there.
The squirrels here are really friendly and will come right up to your hand if you offer then something to eat. This one just came over a sat at Wes' feet.

While walking along, we saw this sign on the side of a building. I had forgotten that Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston. Interesting.

So we are walking past a small park and there is a guy there taking pics of his kids on a statue of a donkey. So my funny sister turns around and says, Oh have GOT to do that!" So the guy turns around and says, "Yeah, Wes, do it!" Well, my husband doesn't need too much of a push to do anything so he got on the donkey statue!!! Afterwards the guy looks at him and says, "Ok, I can go home now cause I have definately seen everything!" We all had a laugh over that one.

Once we got him off his ass (LOL)...we started the 2 1/2 miles walk of the Freedom Trail. We made it almost all the way to the end of the trail but I really couldn't walk across a bridge (and not a small one) to cross the Charles River to get to the next cemetery across the river. So we stopped for dinner at a great Italian restaurant on the North End then headed back to the hotel.

Auntie & Uncle John are leaving tomorrow after breakfast and then we are heading to see the USS Constitution and then on to Salem. Should be fun. We have lots more pics of the Freedom Trail, but I am fighting at 11:53 pm to stay I will post them tomorrow and give everyone the address for viewing. Have a great day tomorrow!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday in Rhode Island

Off to Rhode Island today. We are starting to see some beautiful colors on the highways...makes the trees look like they are on fire!! I need to find some trees locally that have changed and get some leaves to bring home.

We arrived in Newport, RI to packed streets and waterfronts....there were so many people in town you couldn't move. Then we realized that it is Columbus Day weekend and lots of people had off. Guess they wanted to take in the colors also. Downtown Newport was so mobbed and there are streets that are closed off to cars. It took us almost 45 minutes to go three blocks!! Since Newport has been around since the 1600's, the streets are reaallllly narrow and there are few places to park. So Wes dropped me off at Touro Synagogue so I could do the tour (it was about 20 min) while they waited for a parking spot. I was just coming out of the tour when they found a spot!!

Touro Synagogue is the oldest Synagogue in America. It really doesn't look like a markings on it at all. But there are no markings on the churches in the area either. The original settlers wanted everyone to be part of the community, so they decided that the houses of worship should blend into the architecture of the town and not stand out. Interesting. If you click on the pics here you can see larger shots of them.

The synagogue itself only seats about 100...very small but very beautiful. They have a Torah scroll that is over 500 yrs old and written on deer skin. Needless to say, it is behind glass now so no one can touch it. Also, no pics are allowed inside the sanctuary.

After the tour we wanted to look around Newport, but because it was so crowded we decided to venture on to Providence, RI. Well, it being Sunday, and everything closes early, we really didn't get to see much there. So we decided to drive right to Boston so we can get an early start in the morning. And that's where we are now. We seem to be visiting every Motel 6 in New England!!

Well, I have a 6am wake up call for the morning. (UGH!!) We want to get an early start and at least there is a Dunkin Donut right next to the hotel!!!! I'll be having my blueberry muffin in the morning. (Sorry Daisy, can't bring you one!)

See ya tomorrow!!